After two decades of serving vulnerable students with complex profiles and diverse needs around the state, we have a working fluency with the Washington educational landscape and work closely with families, their private providers and educational professionals to find the right fit for those who desire an alternative to traditional districts but want to keep their students close to home.


Finding the right residential education placement for your student or young adult requires both a comprehensive understanding of the factors motivating the need for services as well as a fluent knowledge of the options available. We work closely with families, their private providers, and educational professionals to explore alternative therapeutic and educational environments for students struggling in the traditional school setting. We have cultivated first-hand familiarity with schools and programs around the country specialized to serve youth with a variety of exceptional circumstances including learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, chronic school refusal, social anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, and/or self-destructive activities.


We work with families to design private wrap-around programs for students and young adults in their local communities either before residential placement is attempted or upon return to facilitate transition back into the home community. We draw upon our extensive knowledge of local social workers, mental health professionals, vocational programs, behavioral therapists, and group homes, to help you design a comprehensive wrap-around program to meet the needs of your student or young adult.

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