Since 1998, Casssady Mineiro, PLLC (formerly Cassady Law) has obtained reimbursement for, and school district placement at, numerous private day schools in the greater Seattle area including but not limited to Morningside Academy, Pacific Learning Center, New Horizons, Children’s Institute for Learning Differences (CHILD), Brightmont, Yellow Wood, Dolan Learning Center, Brock’s Academy, Dartmoor, Academic Institute and others.  We have obtained residential placements in IEPs and reimbursement for parent payments to residential placements for numerous residential schools around the country, including but not limited to Woods, Heartspring, Diamond Ranch Academy, Boulder Creek Academy, Innercept, Waterfall Canyon, Maple Creek Academy, Provo Canyon, Montcalm School, San Marcos Treatment Center, Daybreak and others.  We have obtained placement in “wrap-around” programs for our clients, programs that essentially attempt to replicate the services offered by a residential placement in the home and community environment; services may include behavior intervention technicians and program managers, case managers, educational services including public and private schools, counseling, interpreters, and group homes.  We have also obtained in-school services for our clients, such as particular public school programs; 1:1 paraeducators, speech and language services, occupational therapy services, vision services, physical therapy services, ABA services, and other services.